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we decided to open a small blog so we can give u guys informations about what we currently do.

As you may know, there is currently no way to download protected videos with our TubeSaver.
We will now give u informations about this protected videos and what we currently work out to download them.

1) What is a protected video?
YouTube comes up with a annoying system to protect videos with many hits or from big labels e.g. VEVO, in order to make it much harder to download them from their servers.

2) How does the protection work?
Well, it took us a long time to find out how their system works. The first point is that the same video is not protected everywhere. For example most of the videos which are protected in the US are not protected in Europe.

Their encryption system itself is very annoying. The use a special cipher algorithm to encode this videos. So in order to download them you need to crack this algorithm.

Unfortunately they make it even harder by changing this algorithm about 2-3 times a week.

3) What do we work out in order to get rid of that?

Some days ago we were able to crack the current algorithm. However there is still the problem that this will not help us that much since they change it anyways very soon.

We could update the TubeSaver with the current algorithm every 2 days but to be honest that would be a waste of time for both our customers and for us.

Thats why we started to work out a system which will automatically crack their algorithm when they changed it, and will also automatically update your TubeSaver installation without the need that you do anything.

4) How long will we need for that?

That’s a bit hard to say. We will most likely get it done within a week if everything goes fine.


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Let us know what you think about our first blog post and if we should continue writing blog posts.


# Update 23.12.2013

The explained system has been finished and is now available since TubeSaver version 2.1.

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