Time for a change


if you have purchased at least one of our products (especially the Easy Media Grabber) then you might be aware of problems with our current host. This problems affect the whole network (Website, API, Demos), and can lead to problems with the installed product. Over the last months we were constantly in contact with our host, but they are not able to resolve it for some reason.

We already prepared the next steps in the background, which will now (or over the next days) take place. This is what we are going to do:

  • Move every part of our Network on a own server in separate datacenters
    This is obviously more expensive, but it has huge security advantages. If one part of our site is down (e.g. the API) then you can still use the other parts (e.g. the main website).
  • Optimize the web servers
    We will optimize each of this web servers, depending on what they exactly need to do, to get the best performance out of them.

We will start with moving the website to one of the new servers, so you might experience some downtime or an abnormal behaviour over the next couple of days. It is also possible that a couple of forum posts get lost, however that shouldn’t be much.

Thank you every one for your patience.


# Update 1: 10/13/2014:

The main site (https://gewora.net) has been transfered to the new server. You should feel a significant performance boost. The other parts (API and demos) do not work currently, we will transfer them as soon as possible and updated this post. Please let us know if you experience any other problems.

# Update 2: 10/13/2014:

The API has been restored, so you should now be able to reactivate your purchased products and perform any other calls to our API. We will transfer the demos very soon. Please let us know if you experience any problems.

# Update 3: 10/14/2014:

The demos have almost been restored, everything is working except for the WordPress demos. We will fix this as soon as possible.

# Update 4: 10/29/2014:

We had to move the demos back to the old host until we have sorted out some issues. The demos will be restored one by one within the next days.

# Update 5: 11/02/2014:

Everything has been restored and should work fine. Please let us know if you are experiencing any issues.

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  1. joey
    joey says:

    this is still not fully fixed for us – we keep having to go back into the admincp and reactivate the modules..

    please help us fix this for good!

    • Gewora
      Gewora says:

      Sadly you’re right. It is honestly really difficult to find out what the issue is. It may be CloudFlare but unfortunately there is not really a way to find that out. We are in contact with another customer and will give our best to resolve this issue as soon as possible. We fully understand that this is frustrating (for our customers and for us) and can only ask you for a bit more patience. Make sure to follow us on Facebook or Twitter to be up to date with any updates. Thank you very much.

    • Gewora
      Gewora says:

      Hey, we just updated our post. The Easy Media Grabber demo has just been restored, the other demos will follow within the next days. Sorry for the inconvenience.


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