YouTube Module

This modules allows you to download videos from YouTube.

  • Download videos from YouTube
  • Download protected videos (e.g. VEVO – see below)
  • Very easy installation
  • Free support

Protected Videos

This module even supports download protected videos e.g. from VEVO.

How does it work?

YouTube changes their decryption methods for protected videos about 3 times a week.

After such a change you are no longer able to download protected videos until we update our item.

This would be alot of wasted time and frustation therefore we came up with a unique system.

Our server frequentially checks if YouTube changed their algorithm. If the algorithm has been changed then our server will automatically crack it.

Your Easy Media Grabber installation will automatically download the new algorithm from our servers.

This solution is unique. Well, downloading protected YouTube videos with PHP is unique in general.

Ready to purchase the awesome YouTube module for the Easy Media Grabber?