• Easy to use

    The Easy Media Grabber is extremely easy to use for both, the admin and the client

  • Fully featured admin panel

    The admin panel offers the ability to manage the processes and settings, with some clicks

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Easy Media Grabber

The Easy Media Grabber is the most advanced media download which even works on a shared hosting.

There are many available download modules for many different sites, as YouTube, Vimeo, Dailymotion, Metacafe, and many more.

Files can be downloaded in different video formats, or as a MP3 audio file.

It also works fine on a shared hosting. There is no complicated install. All you need to do is to upload the files.

Check out the live demo by pressing the blue button above.


Key Features

There are many modules available, allowing you to download videos and/or audio from many different sites.

Want to download the video in .mp4? Or maybe .flv? Or only the audio? The Easy Media Grabber offers you many different output formats.

We want to give you the full control over your site, that’s why the Easy Media Grabber comes with an extensive admin panel.

Want to run the Easy Media Grabber but don’t have a dedicated server? No big deal, it works fine on a shared hosting as well.

Need to customize the language? The Easy Media Grabber is using language files, you can easily modify them or even create new ones.

The Easy Media Grabber comes with a detailed documentation to get you started. Still have questions? Use our support forums.

Short Summary

The Easy Media Grabber is the perfect solution if you want to download files as a video or as a MP3 audio file from different sites like YouTube, Vimeo, Dailymotion, and many more.

You also don’t have to worry about your hosting plan, the Easy Media Grabber even works perfectly fine on a shared hosting plan.

  • Many download modules for different sites available
  • Download the audio as MP3
  • Download protected Videos (e.g. VEVO)
  • Different video sizes/qualities available
  • Multilangual
  • Fully featured admin panel
  • Overview over running processes with the ability to stop them
  • Automatically removes temp files (e.g. download video files after the conversion to mp3 is done)
  • AJAX based
  • Fully responsive
  • Easy to install & to use
  • Works great on a shared hosting account
Download Modules

Currently this download modules are available:

v.1.3.3 – 26.06.2015
[UPDATED] Installation dependencies
v.1.3.2 – 24.06.2015
[REMOVED] Unnecessary assets
v.1.3.1 – 11.06.2015
[UPDATED] Better output header handling
[UPDATED] Internal process handling optimizations
v.1.3.0 – 19.05.2015
[FIXED] Mobile friendly mode not activating
v.1.2.9 – 25.04.2015
[FIXED] Showing a notice under some circumstances
v.1.2.8 – 16.04.2015
[UPDATED] Preparations for SoundCloud module
[FIXED] Minor bugs
v.1.2.7 – 08.04.2015
[FIXED] Downloads only working for one time
v.1.2.6 – 30.12.2014
[FIXED] Missing admin template
[FIXED] Compatibility issue with PHP 5.3
v.1.2.5 – 27.12.2014
[FIXED] FFMpeg dependencies
v.1.2.4 – 21.12.2014
[ADDED] MP3 conversion by using the FFMpeg codec (no API required)
[ADDED] Option to specify a maximum time, a process (and it's files) can stay in the system
[UPDATED] Installation
[UPDATED] Libraries
[UPDATED] Cleanup script
[UPDATED] Documentation
v.1.2.3 – 14.12.2014
[ADDED] Quick download. Example: demo.gewora.net/EasyMediaGrabber/?https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LSxzzDE38t8
v.1.2.1 – 23.05.2014
[FIXED] Problems with downloading videos from some sites
v.1.2.1 – 23.05.2014
[FIXED] Problems with SSL
v.1.2.0 – 15.05.2014
[ADDED] MP3 download automatically disabled when no CloudConvert API key has been entered
[ADDED] Ban system allowing you to ban specific videos from being downloaded
[ADDED] Language selection
[FIXED] Removed hard coded language strings. Again.
[UPDATED] The CloudConvert API key can now be entered in the admin panel (instead of the config file)
v.1.1.0 – 04.05.2014
[ADDED] The client's IP address is now shown at the processes page
[ADDED] The video link is now shown at the processes page
[ADDED] Advertising at the download step
[ADDED] Advertising management in the admin panel
[ADDED] Option to automatically remove finished processes after a specific time
[FIXED] Removed hard coded language strings
[FIXED] Missing language strings
v.1.0.0 – 25.04.2014
Initial release