Important updates for the EMG and all modules


we have some good news for you. Some customers have issues with the installation of the EMG and so far we could only tell them that this is a issue on their side. We took some time to investigate this and found the cause for most of the customers with this issue. The issue is indeed not causes by the EMG but by a misconfiguration of curl and the SSL algorithms that it should use. We found a way to fix this issue by adjusting our products, so it does now even work if customers use this misconfigured systems.

In short words, we updated the EMG and all modules. So if you are having the mentioned issue, go ahead and update everything and you’ll have a good chance that it works now.

We also updated some modules cause they did not worky anymore due to changes at their video portals. This modules are: Vimeo, Metacafe and SoundCloud. The changelogs for this modules are available at their sub forums.

This updates are another step into making sure that as many as possible customers can use our products, even if the system is not configured properly. We hope that you enjoy that.

Best regards,
The Gewora Team

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