Big maintenance very soon & TubeSaver information

Update – 2014/04/12:

We are almost done with the maintenance. Our site is now running on the new server (should be a lot faster now) and our other services are also back online.

The only thing that does not work as it should, are the e-mails. You will most likely get a error back if you try to contact us over e-mail. We are looking forward to fix this issue very soon.

Also once again, please keep in mind that we did not import users or posts from the previous server. You have to register a new account, if you need one. Sorry for any inconvenience.

Please let us know if you experience any problems by using the contact form at the top. Thanks!

Update – 2014/04/02:

The upstream problems have been resolved to a state which is okay for us. There is still much room for improvement, however we do not want to loose any more time. We will perform some final preparations before proceed with the described steps (below) very soon.

Update – 2014/03/29:

It has been a week now and we still could not start with the maintenance. Sadly there are upstream issues at the new datacenter, which we want to get fixed before we actually move over with all of our data.
We are in contact with them and hope that they can get it to a stable state very soon. We will keep you updated here.


we want to inform you about the upcoming maintenance, and about the removed TubeSaver here.
Let´s start with the bad news, the TubeSaver. Maybe you already saw that our TubeSaver got removed from the Envato Marketplaces.

The reason for this is that YouTube added this new paragraph to their TOS very recently:

5. Your Use of Content
“You shall not download any Content unless you see a “download” or similar link displayed by YouTube on the Service for that Content”

First of all, it is not illegal to do that (at least in many countries – you might have to contact a lawyer if you want to be completely sure), since you do the exact same thing when you watch a video directly on your site.

We guess that Envato just do not take any risk, which is understandable at some point. However it is quite sad for our clients & for us.

Since we can’t get the item back to the marketplace without doing huge changes, we have to accept that.

We had to make a decision, if we still provide support for the TubeSaver. Unfortunately we had to decide that we can’t do that any longer. It would just not be profitable to provide support for a 20$ product (the half goes to Envato), when we are no longer able to sell it.

We are very sorry about this, but hope that you can understand us at some point.

Let´s move on to the second point of this post, the better one.

We are going to launch a big maintance very soon. There are some things that we do with this maintenance. We will most likely start with it at the weekend. The ETA is 48 hours, just in case that something does not work as expected. However, most likely it won’t take that long.

The first one is that we move to another server. The new server should be much faster then the current one.

We will also change the way how the access to the support forums is handled. Currently you have to redeem your purchase code at a different page. This solution is not very user friendly and caused some not needed trouble.

In the future you can directly enter your purchase code when you click on the corresponding forums.

This change does not allow us to import the existing users & topics (from the support forums). We will provide How-Tos for the most asked questions to make it easier to get started.

Well, that was all. Oh wait…

We will also roll out a new product very soon. We won’t tell you what it is, but trust us, 90% of our current customers will love it.

Please contact us if you have any questions.

All the best,


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